Curly Hairstyles I Adore

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Your hair needs a vacay just as much as you need it! Therefore, ditch your hair straightener and try out the power of curls! I really adore curls, I wear them whenever I can and they make me feel pretty and happy with my look in general. There's just something special about them that transforms you!

All the celebrities have gone completely crazy over it and it's no wonder why! There are many different options to chose and I'm bringing you this post to help you choose your favorite ones. Enjoy!

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Favorite hairstyle from the 30s! This one is perhaps a bit more tricky to create – however, I've noticed there are excellent hot rollers design specifically to create this vintage look, in particular. Put some extra effort in and try to find them, otherwise you might end up having a lot of problems with this hairstyle (like I did couple of times). But final results are all that matters – these curls are glamorous and an absolute spotlight stealer! If you don't find the rollers, you can first curl all your hair and then use either some stronger bobby pins or something similar to create waves and pin them to your head. Then all you have to do is wait for the hair to get that perfect 30s look and you're ready to go!


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Soft, thin combs, curling irons or hot rollers (which you can purchase at any beauty shop or drugstore) are three equally good tools that will help you create curls that look more like spirals. If you opt for this hairstyle, make sure to treat all the thin hair strands from the roots to the ends and to add volumizing and strengthening spray before proceeding. Actually, volumizing spray is something you will be using quite a lot, no matter what type of curls you decided to go with.


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Before you start creating your perfect curly hairstyle with special combs or with a hair curler, make sure that you use a volumizing spray/foam since this will help you a lot to keep the curls strong and in place. You don't want to end up having a messy hairstyle that looks like anything else but curls! When the hair is dry, don't comb it but use your fingers to smoothen the curls and add some spray for a final touch.