How to Style Flats

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It’s been real fun wearing flip flops, sandals and all those gorgeous open-toe shoes throughout the summer, but now it’s that time of the year when you have to start thinking about what you’ll be wearing this fall. Summer is really my favorite season and I love how easy it is during the summer to create a perfect go-to outfit. On the other hand, I have to say there’s something really special about autumn and its colors, all those leaves falling from the trees and that nostalgic feeling in the air.

Plus, I love how you can create endless outfit combinations and do the layering - it’s super fun mixing and matching stuff to create a perfect look for all those gloomy, not-so-sunny days. 

On some other occasion I’ll write more about fall outfit combinations to make it easier for my dear readers to find some inspiration and kick ass this season! For now, I’d like to focus on perhaps most important part of outfit for every woman - SHOES. Stepping out of sandals into closed toe shoes can be a huge nightmare if you don’t find your dream autumn pair!

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I prepared 10 lovely shoes for all my ladies out there - you can find these exact same models or similar ones in stores such as H&M, Zara, Topshop, Forever 21 etc. This season there will be a lot of floral prints on different types of loafers that remind you of Gucci’s print, as well as patterns with vibrant bold colors. But you can always stick to your comfort zone and opt for simple black or beige flats, you know you can never go wrong with one of those! Flats are really easy to incorporate into any style - wear them with palazzo’s, your favorite blue skinny jeans or even with your skirts.

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Some of these options are suitable for a quick dress up since they have super cute decorations and patterns that would go perfectly with a dress or a skirt. Or even when you want to spice up your casual white t-shirt and blue jeans.

Enjoy the variety of these lovely shoes and feel free to share how you feel about wearing flats!

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