Paris Fashion Week

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Among many reasons of why I love fall is of course - the Paris Fashion Week! The week of fashion in this city is more than breathtaking - so many amazing designs and some of the world’s most famous bloggers attending the event to see the newest creations for Spring/Summer 2018.

For the upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 season, flowy dresses, fun patterns, unique handbags and many interesting designs were introduced during the Paris Fashion Week! You’ll get a better picture of what some of the spotlight stealers were in the content below. Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Stella McCartney presented some of their creations. Apart from fun, flowy dresses, there were also many sporty pieces which showed a different side of Paris Fashion Week, but managed to maintain the feminine look!

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Louis Vuitton introduced some Marie Antoinette dreamy kind of dresses with a vintage vibe to them which I personally adored! They combined that vibe with modern pieces such as fashionable sneakers to create a modern look which would suit the modern Spring/Summer 2018 style.

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Do any of you love the “Stranger Things” TV show? I personally do and am quite excited about the new season airing this month! Why am I telling you this? Well, the fun fact is that many pieces were inspired by this TV show so you could see t-shirts with fun “Stranger Things” patterns on the runway. How cool is that?

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When it comes to street style, I was in love by the outfits of Negin Mirsalehi during Paris Fashion Week, especially her Balmain look! (see picture below)

What was your favorite look from Paris Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2018?


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Maison Valentino

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Louis Vuitton

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