Wearing Polka Dot Outfits

polka dot outfits 1

Dots – one detail that's wearable during both summer and autumn! Aside from the swim suits, skirts and hot pants, a dash of retro dots can be seen on autumn “it“ pieces including long sleeve dresses, palazzo pants and rompers.

Modern silhouettes with retro dot print were represented in many of the latest collections by very well-known designer such as Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Balenciaga, Loewe, Dolce & Gabbana and Jacquemus, whos black and white t-shirt flooded Instagram and Pinterest and became one of the most popular clothing pieces.

polka dot outfits 2

These very feminine pieces have been all over the runways, streets and even beaches. Even though many assumed (including me) that this trend would not last as long, the dots have reserved a spot for themselves even in the haute couture autumn collections. This year you won't be just seeing the regular dotted pieces – they will go bit more over the top for a dash of innovation. Realisation brand has amazing dotted dresses that everyone has been freaking out about – their dresses have white dots all over red or light blue materials that fit so perfectly together! Size DOESN'T matter because you will also be seeing dotted pieces that are perhaps even too big and bit futuristic, while other pieces will be smaller and the dots will be almost invisible, still they will be there – making your usual outfit have that extra effect. They are playful and feminine, everything we need for the upcoming autumn season! Look at the couple of pictures and examples I prepared for you, and I hope you'll fall in love with this trend the same way I did!

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