Slay Instagram Like a Pro!

Admit it – we've all become very addicted to our little Instagram world. Every day we take fun new photos and then carefully select and edit our photos to make the best out of them. It's funny how this little hobby can turn into something completely frustrating sometimes! You took a good photo where you look beautiful but you have a problem – it doesn't really fit your Insta feed as you thought it would.

This happened to me many times and it often prevented me from posting some of my fav pics simply because it just doesn't “fit“ perfectly into the general theme of my account. It's crazy that we've become so addicted to this, but on the bright side – many people make a lot of money simply on the basis of an attractive Instagram account with flawless aesthetics. Since I, as a blogger, also pay a lot of attention to how my Instagram looks, I've decided to share some tips with you that will bring you one step closer to perfecting your Instagram account look.

Photo Layout

This one is actually really simple. When posting a new photo to you Instagram account, make sure that the photo you've chosen is similar to your third photo. Therefore, 1st = 3rd. Similar means that the photo should have the same type of colors as the third one. Also, try to somehow connect it to the theme of the third photo. For example if you your third photo in the first row is a bright minimalistic one – black and white domination, then make sure that the next photo you post will have the same colors dominating. Avoid having too many different colors in your photo in general.

If you have an iPhone, then you can easily check this by going to Settings – Photos and Camera – and then turn on the Grid feature. This will help you visualize your future posts.

I've marked the 1st and the 3rd one in the example above so that it will be easier for you to follow this advice.

Start using Iconosquare!

Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) is a total game changer! This website allows you to check up on all the stuff related to Instagram analytics so that you can actually see where your followers are from, which posts of yours are the most successful, at what time it would be the best for you to post etc. It will help you improve your Instagram posting strategy a lot, so try it out! Also, Iconosquare could help you find the best hashtags for your posts, and we all know how important these are in order to attract a new audience to your profile.


Basically, think of your Instagram account as a story. You're the writer and you need to follow the story, its characters, along with the places and scenery. Every post is another part of your story. Be consistent. Think of what the focus of your IG is– photography, fashion, beauty, nature, animals, art etc. Stick to one theme! This also means trying stick to one filter. Using filters that are too different will make your profile seem inconsistent. Find what fits you the best and follow it with every new post.

Follow @instagram

By doing this you could end up on Instagram's “suggested users list“ which would guarantee you thousands of new followers. Instagram has a lot of interesting posts and projects in which you could participate. By participating in those you can get one step closer to be a part of that list. Cool, isn't it?

Adjust your brightness

Brightness is a powerful tool which is often underestimated.

Generally, people are much more attracted to bright, lively posts! Avoid posting photos that are too dark or photos with a bad lightening which causes grainy effect. Adjust the brightness in each photo before applying filters and playing around with colors. It will add life to your Instagram profile, no doubt about that. Just be careful not to go too bright and ruin the colors already existing on your photo.

Look at the photo above and see for yourself. The difference is quite obvious, don't you think?

If you have any Instagram tips of your own, please share in the comments!