Eat Clean for a Healthier and Happier You

Eating clean – okay, you might ask yourself what does that even mean? I think we could all come up with different definitions of what clean eating would be, and all of them might be correct! For example, when it comes to eating clean, I'm being veeeery selective and careful when it comes to picking the food at the grocery store. The key word to eating clean is – HEALTHY. That being said, avoid processed, as well as refined and handled food as much as possible. These three things are the biggest enemy which prevent you from adopting a really healthy lifestyle.

One of the first things you should keep in mind if you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle is to always stay hydrated! This is something you've probably heard about many times, but many of us forget that daily intake of water needed for our body to function properly. What I've noticed is that with proper hydration routine, my body and skin feels so much better! Seriously, being hydrated helps a lot to keep the stress and anxiety levels at a minimum. Also, not to mention the energy.. Really, it changes stuff. I use “Plant Nanny“ as a reminder – an app where you have to take care of a virtual plant in a way that if you drink enough water, the plant will grow and you will get some rewards for it. It's a fun way to keep track of your daily water intake.

Anything that contains more sugar than needed is also very unwelcomed. When I say extra sugar, I am referring to soda drinks we all very often indulge in. Try to replace those drinks with water (remember: daily water intake is important!) or if you feel like water might not satisfy your craving, try  a lemonade, or fresh squeezed juice/smoothie that contains natural ingredients. Healthy + refreshing = perfect combo! Yes, I know the struggle… But stay determined, it will pay off in the end, I promise. 😊

Number one enemy of a healthy diet is .... JUNK FOOD! Now seriously, this is a huge no-no for many reasons. First of all, I don't even need to mention how unhealthy it is and how much fat it contains (unhealthy fat ofcourse). Second, many scientists and doctors even connect it to cancer. Third, eating too much junk food will create problems with your digestion. You will gain weight at an incredibly fast rate, and it also causes skin problems and acne. This type of food might be hard for you to replace if you really got used to it. However, there are some great alternatives such as chicken prepared with some boiled potato, rice and other tasty vegetables, plus – a good salad! What I would use as an alternative to junk food would be sushi. Maybe it's because I'm addicted and could eat tons of it, but sushi really suppresses junk food cravings. It's very healthy, though it's not as low in calories as you might think, so keep that in mind.

Making small changes in your diet like drinking more water, avoiding junk and processed food, as well as avoiding soda and soft drinks will do miracles to both your body and your skin within months, or even weeks. These might be small steps, but they matter. Try it and you will see!