A Dash of Bohemian

If there's one thing that's obvious about fashion, it's that it always goes in circles. All of my precious clothing pieces I've loved wearing and which were trendy back in the day soon got replaced by new trends (yes, you all know the story), but yet they somehow manage to make a comeback after only a couple of years. Boho vests, booties, hats, oversized sunglasses and bags which remained untouched in the forgotten corners of my wardrobe have finally got a chance to shine again this year. Why? Coachella always makes sure Boho gets a huge comeback and this year has been no exception.

Since we are generally quite visual human beings, I'll put more pictures for you to get some inspiration, rather than write a bunch of text. Most of these pictures are from the past two years of Coachella, so you can get a clear picture of how it usually looks. These bright bold styles will surely make you want to create a similar one for yourself! Hope you enjoy!