Spring Trend - Simply Pastelicious

Don't you think it's time to finally pull out all those beautiful flowy dresses and shirtsfrom the wardrobe and enjoy the sun – with a pair of matching killer shades?! What I like the most about spring and summer are the beautiful colors I see everywhere - the bright and positive vibes I get when I enter the mall.

Pastels – everywhere! They look absolutely irresistible and it seems to me that a lot of of clothing pieces suddenly look much more appealing when in pastels. Leave all your dark pieces of clothing (except black of course - that one is an everlasting classic, especially for nights out) and opt for anything in pastel colors! The best part is that everything can be in pastels – from bags to dresses. It's up to you to choose which statement piece of yours will be in these colors. Of course, nothing stops you from going full pastel – from head to toe. You can't go wrong!

Pastels are perfect if you want to shine bright at work or fascinate your university colleagues or if you want to feel and look good when you go out for a coffee or some other drinks with the girls.

Let's take a look at more street style pictures to get some pastelicious inspiration! Enjoy!