Top 5 Favorite Travel Instagram Accounts

Today I've decided to share some of my favorite travel Instagram accounts that usually make me daydream about new, wonderful destinations I see while scrolling through my feed. It's that time of the year perfect for planning a nice trip to relax and enjoy. I know for myself this has been a quite stressful year so far, and what's better than a nice trip with good company to get rid of all that negativity and stress? Travel always makes me happier and more satisfied about life in general, so I'm always super excited to plan something new.

Therefore, I am guessing this will be a nice inspiration for you to pick something as well, or simply enjoy the beautiful sights for the moment, until you get the money or company to visit it with.


Maybe some of you got bored of “Follow me to“ pictures, but this man never fails to amaze me with the creativity of his follow me to pics and the destinations he goes to. All these stunning destionations always make me want to travel even more, and I realize how many unexplored places there are to see. Though, tough on the wallet.


This girl's posts make me want to go on a crazy adventure! There's just something about the way she takes photographs and its filters that make her travels look other-worldly. Loads of love for Lauren!



Here's a mix of lovely personal style and travel posts! I'm loving how colorful this account is and how it shows not only beautiful sights but also shows great picks of food, drinks and places to relax for while you are on your trip.


Oh, give me vitamin sea! The blue theme account of Debi has recently been flodded with lovely pictures from the beaches – something I can't resist when it comes to travel accounts. See for yourself why this one's one of my favorites and why you'll be wanting to go for a swim in seconds.


Another lovely account that always keeps me inspired because of the variety of different destinations and of course – the ocean! Be careful, you might really fall in love with Maldives as much as I did when I saw her pics.

Where do you guys want to visit next??