Tomboy vs. Feminine

Over the years, fashion has changed and evolved so much. While menswear sticks to its origins – blazers, ties & bow ties which will never go out of style, women are the ones who tend to experiment much more with their style. Women love wearing ripped boyfriend jeans, at least two sizes bigger than their usual skinny jeans, and wearing baggy sweatshirts, all paired up with a black Jack the Ripper (what I like to call it) hat.

As for me, I have always loved a more feminine style, though there are days when I just want to feel comfy yet chick, so I myself slip into my pair of boyfriend jeans and some edgy boots. It all really depends on my mood - some days I just don’t feel like wearing heels or skirts because I either need to walk a lot or it's just one of those days. Yes, tomboy can still look very chic but it's not easy to pull off, especially if you are bad at mixing & matching. Check out these great examples of tomboy, yet chic, clothing to see how to pull it off yourself.

Now that we've seen couple of these fashionable tomboy styles, I think it's time to check out the more feminine side. This is all about minimalist, bright, soft colors. We'll start off, again, with a picture of Negin Mirsalehi, who seems to pull off both feminine and tomboy styles quite well!

Now it's up to you to decide! Which one do you prefer, tomboy or feminine?