Let's Find a Perfect Highlighter!

I am so thankful that this became such a huge trend! Highlighting became a part of my daily makeup routine – during daytime it's more subtle but at night I add some extra sparkle to make it pop. How I see it: the shinier – the better. However, this only applies if you know how to do it right. Luckily, there are plenty of videos to guide us on how to apply highlighter properly and what technique to use for the best results.

What I found to be the most difficult about highlighting is actually finding the right highlighter! Ugh, this can get so frustrating! In the beginning, I was clueless about which one to chose and very often I would opt out for some highlighters that were low budget thinking they're all the same and it only matters if I know how to apply it. Incorrect. It actually matters A LOT which highlighter you choose – some of them require only one quick stroke on your cheekbones to get that sparkly effect while other will take for ages and you'll end up looking only cakey and your highlight will look... Tacky. Who wants that, right?

After a long love-hate relationships with highlighters, I finally found the best ones out there (that I have tried so far) that finally gave me the results I was seeing on all those makeup artists all over Instagram. Read along!

P.S. Keep in mind that these are my fav picks when it comes to drugstore products that are the most affordable for all my readers!


Highlighters, move along – here comes the perfect palette by Sleek! Honestly, you don't even have to read on to find a better one since this palette is super affordable + looks amazing! It features two creamy shades (on the left) and two powderish shades. All of them will give you the glow needed, which one you'll use depends on the intensity you wish to achieve. Plus, it's very longlasting so it's a total bargain in every sense.

NYX Born to Glow

After Sleek, this would probably be my second choice. It's perfect for oily skin and is available in four shades. This highlighter is quite affordable as well – it's only $7.49 and even at that price, it will give your skin a perfect glow.

Maybelline Master Strobing Stick

I really like this one for achieving a more subtle look. It has a creamy formula which I am generally not quite big fan of since they always appear to be more subtle than powderish ones (and you do remember what I said in the beginning – I reaaally like the glow). However, this one turned out to be very good and works well with all skin types. Plus, it's highly pigmented, so that's a huge YES. You can chose from two shades, one's a bit more pinkish while the other one has golden undertones (200 Medium Nude Glow). I prefer the pinkish one (100 Light Iridescent) since I am not very tan.

L'oreal Magic Lumi Highlight Concealer

This one's actually a mix of highlighter and a concealer. I figured out this might come in handy for most of you since most girls use concealer as a part of their daily makeup routine as well. Thus, this one's very practical and will bring back life to your face in an instant since it covers up your dark circles under the eyes while also giving it a bit of glow and radiance.

What is your favorite highlighter??