Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

Weekends are usually for pampering yourself with some extra care – be it your skin routine, hair care or simply for doing your makeup a bit differently than usual since you bought yourself all those new beauty products and you couldn't wait anymore to try them out. Don't you just love the feeling of bringing home a full bag of cute new products you just couldn't resist to buy?

Oh, and when it's sale.. We all go crazy, don't we? I know I always buy a bunch of stuff that I don't really need but sometimes I think it would look good on my shelves and make me happy just to see it there in the morning. It got me thinking how being a man is much easier, but where's the fun in that? I love my morning rituals, no matter how early I have to get up in the morning and wouldn't give them up for anything.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkit

This highlighting palette is definitely my number one product! On those days when I don't even feel like doing my full makeup, these highlighters do all the work. I apply some foundation, mascara, nude lipstick and these beauties and suddenly I look like million dollars. Their quality is amazing and their price is acceptable for most people's budgets so it's definitely a win-win combination.

Clean and Clear Brightening Scrub

This baby from Clean&Clear has been my favorite for quite a while now. For me it has a lovely scent (it's lemonish, very refreshing) and is very gentle on my skin, which is basically all I need during the spring and summer season. I use it two times a day, in the morning to wake me up and in the evening to prepare my skin for a good night's sleep and to get rid of all dirt that accumulated throughout the day. It's a wonderful scrub and always leaves my skin super soft and refreshed.

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Seriously, I don't even know how I lived before I discovered these two. This is the most perfect set when it comes to hair care that I have ever come across. First of all, they have this cute shaped package with a lovely blue color that caught my eye straight away. Second, both of these smell like heaven. My time in the shower became prolonged ever since I got these since I started enjoying washing my hair so much! The argan oil instantly penetrates the hair and restores shine and softness. My hair has been so thankful for these. However, if your hair becomes greasy very easily, then you should avoid using the conditioner. The shampoo itself will do the work.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

What a bargain! This foundation isn't too cheap when compared to some other brands, however you only need one or two smaller drops to apply it all over your face for almost full coverage - imagine that! So, you will pay at around $40 but this foundation will last much longer for you since you don't need to apply too much in order to get the coverage needed. It makes my skin look perfect and I love how it includes coconut water as its ingredient, and it replenishes the skin's moisture levels. if you're wondering about which shade I usually opt for – it's “Nude“. However, the Nude shade is not too light, so you might want to try it our first or ask for some advice in the store.

The Balm Nude Palette

Again, me with more makeup. It's love at first sight, isn't it? Generally, I love The Balm so much because of these cute vintage packages and how unique they are when compared to all other makeup brands. Not only does this palette look good, it's also great quality and has lovely shades with strong pigmentation which last all day long. As you can see, these are mostly nude shades that you can use everyday, what makes this palette perfect to make it a part of your daily makeup routine.

That's it for some of my favorite beauty products. I will keep you updated if I discover new great bargains and good quality products in the future. Make sure to share in the comments section what's the beauty product you can't live without! I'd love to hear from you.