DIY Bucket List Craft

This is my very first DIY post on my blog! Which is pretty surprising since I am always working on a project around the house. I wanted to start these off with a fun one that is super easy to do yourself!

You will need:

  • A picture frame of any size

  • Triangle picture frame hooks

  • Twine

  • 2x4

  • Paint

  • Nails

  • Lettering stickers

  • Cardstock

  • Safety pins

  • A bucket


Step 1:

Determine how many rows of cards you want. Evenly space the triangle hooks on the back of the picture frame to provide you with the number of rows you want, and screw them in. Tie the twine through one triangle hook and over to the other side of the picture frame.

Step 2:

Take another triangle hook and screw it to the bottom of the back of the frame, a little off to the side. This will be where you hang the bucket from.

Step 3:

Cut the 2x4 to your desired length so that it fits on the top of your picture frame, in the middle. Paint it to match your picture frame (or go crazy and pick a different, fun color!). Once dry, nail it into the picture frame in the middle. Apply the lettering to say "Bucket List".

Step 4:

Cut the cardstock into rectangles. Decorate with all of your fun bucket list items! Be as creative as you like here. I added a few drawings here and there and wrote with different colored Sharpies! Once you're done, use the clothes pins to hang them from the twine going across the picture frame.

Step 5:

Hang the bucket from the hook you applied on the bottom of the frame, and you're done!

Now you get to enjoy your fun craft and enjoy every single time you take something off the list and put it in the bucket.

Have fun!