The Cure for Stress

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about new destinations to visit and about all the places I've already visited and how much I gained from those experiences. It made me realize how traveling in general makes me genuinely happy and satisfied about life, a kind of happiness that you can't feel even when you go shopping (imagine that!).

So, I was sitting there and thinking how useless it is to overthink stuff about your life and stress over the small things. Instead, the better thing to do is to pack your bags, find a destination and go for your pursuit of happiness! I don't even remember, was I ever really stressed during my travels? Did I really worry about the silly things I do (as we all do, in fact) when I am back home? Traveling shows you how beautiful life is and how beautiful it can be.

That's why I call it a cure for stress.

You'll meet new people

Most of us need to have social interactions with other people on a daily basis and often – with different people throughout the day. Being socially active helps with stress, because when you're alone, you're also alone with your thoughts and then you tend to overthink. This often leads to feeling alone and bad about yourself, your day or basically anything. People help us step out of that cage of feeling lonely and they can transfer their positive energy to us. However, that energy goes both ways – the good is transferred as much as the bad. Hanging out with the same people all the time and talking about the same stressful topics is not very good for our mental health. That's why you should go traveling! You'll meet new people, who will probably share more positive things with you than negative + the variety of people you will see and meet will generally make you feel more energetic, full of life and happy about yourself.

You'll do things you've never done before

Not only will you see things that you've never seen before, but you will also be tempted to try new things and do stuff you were either afraid of doing before or you didn't have the chance to do. Climb to the top of a mountain, go hiking, jump of some really cool cliffs (not dangerous ones, of course) with your travel buddies or people you met on your trip, go on a rollercoaster or visit adrenaline parks. These are just some of many things you could try when you visit a new place. All of them will give you an adrenaline rush and make you get your mind off of the negative things that made you feel bad and stressed!

You'll try new food

As someone who is addicted to food and trying out new dishes, especially traditional dishes from places I visit, it's no wonder that this is also highlighted as one of the things that will help your mood levels go up and make you feel less stressed. Yet, many people who are stressed actually tend to eat more, but I am not speaking about that here – I am speaking about trying something new, somethingcompletely unrelated to your past and all the places where you ate in your hometown. Anything that's new and positive is good – the same goes for food. You'll love the thrill of trying out something new and discovering new scents.

Let me know what you love about traveling in the comments below!