Fragrances You Will Love This Summer

Aside from a perfect outfit and flawless makeup, having a notable fragrance is equally important! Luckily, these perfume makers never seem to run out of ideas to surprise us with lovely new scents or remakes of the old ones. All always depends on what you prefer – a strong, bold scent or a floral, gentle scent that will keep your overall look subtle and delicate. Perfumes can also have a very strong impact on your mood and the way you carry yourself throughout the day. I memorize many people who I met by their scent and the next time I smell that perfume, it will automatically remind me of them. Therefore, make sure their scented memory of you will be a good one!

Whatever you prefer, don't forget to find your perfect scent – it is an essential piece of every woman's style.

Mon Guerlain

What is there to be said about Guerlain in general except that it's perfect and never fails to amaze? This perfume has an oriental feel to it and includes notes of vanilla, lavander, jasmine and sandalwood. Doesn't it already sound amazing?

Giorgio Armani Si Rose

Here's a perfume that I have loved and adored in every edition! One of those perfumes that are hard not to like, simply irresistible. Si Rose Signature has musk and vanilla as its base notes and top notes of freesia, iris and blackcurrant extract.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell

One of my favorite perfumes! It has a sweet, fruity floral scent and will get anyone's attention. The perfume is also available in a mini edition if you are still not brave enough to rock the Bombshell. Plus, it is very affordable with the price at around $52.

Miu Miu L'Eau Blue 

First, I must say that I have fallen in love with how this perfume looks! Second, I was glad that it wasn't a disappointment once I smelled it. The Miu Miu L'Eau Blue is perfect for both spring and summer with its springy blend of lily of the valley and honeysuckle.

Daisy Marc Jacobs Kiss Edition

Marc Jacobs. Daisy. Period.

I have only four more words for this perfume – you will love it.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb 

This one is not a new one, however, it's one of the best choices for spring/summer when it comes to perfumes. Flowerbomb features wonderful notes of jasmine, rose, cattleya orchid and patchouli and is quite sweet. The price is at around $85 which makes it very affordable for the quality you will get.

What's your signature scent?