Hikes + Pixels = <3

This weekend I went on a super fun mini trip with my family to Starved Rock State Park. We started off the day with a picnic, and I was so excited to bring my new Pixel gear! I was really excited to work with them because I love how unique the company is. They work with thousands of artists to get their designs sold globally. It was fun knowing that each item was designed by an individual artist who received the profits of each of their items sold. I got this super cute blanket from them (perfect for the picnic) and a beach bag to pack all of my goodies in.

We spent the rest of the day hiking and wow - it's gorgeous there. The park lies on the Illinois river and has beautiful bluffs overlooking the water and creeks running everywhere. There was one trail I was super excited to check out which features a waterfall you can walk behind! We brought our dogs and we had so much fun playing in the waterfall and splashing in the pockets of water. This is when my Pixels towel came in perfect use. Seriously, how fun are these designs?? 

If you're looking for some unique goods that support the actual artist, make sure to check Pixels.com out for yourself.

**Sponsored by Pixels