Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Trends are changing with every day, however there are always couple of those essential clothing pieces that you need to have in your wardrobe no matter the current fashion trends. These are the clothing pieces that don't go out of style and make it easier for you to mix and match. Since these basics are so important, yet some of us tend to forget about them, I've decided to create a post and remind you that perhaps you should make an update to your wardrobe and include the essentials! Having these makes life easier, trust me.

Plain Whites

By this I mean everything – from t-shirts, casual shirts, cotton sweaters and all other tops. Overdressing is never a good thing, since you can look much better with a simple white t-shirt and a nice pair of jeans. You'll feel more comfortable, too. White is such a neutral color and is a perfect pick for both day and night, so having white t-shirts and tops during the summer will probably be the most practical things you'll have in your wardrobe. Most of the times I'm rocking white t-shirts and tops, so if you need some inspo, check out my Instagram!

That Perfect Pair of Sneakers

Yes, women love shoes and women love to dress up and look flawless. But, women also love to look effortlessly beautiful on Sundays when going for a walk in the park or maybe even shopping. What's better for such occassion than a perfect pair of sneakers? White ones are an excellent option, this season I'm loving Converse, Adidas Superstar, Stan Smith, Nike Cortez or even Nike Huarache (both in white and other neutral, summer colors). You must own a pair of comfortable sneakers, they make everything much easier after that crazy Saturday night in high heels. 

Extra tip: Grab yourself a pair of nice ballet flats for those nights when you need a quick dress up but don't fancy wearing heels. You'll thank yourself in the morning.

High Waisted Shorts

All girls know the struggle – while it can be bit difficult to find perfect high waisted shorts, it's such a relief and beautiful feeling once you finally find them. It's my top summer piece of clothing and is super flexible. You can wear it on a night out, for casual walks downtown, as well as when you go to the beach. So, be careful to pick one that fits you perfectly and looks flawless since you'll probably be spending a lot of time in it once you find it!

Classic Black Pants

While summer is more for lighter colors, black pants are something you should have anyway. They will slim your legs and make them longer and they will match perfectly with basically anthing! Since it's summer, choosing ripped jeans would be the best option to make your new black pants a summer wardrobe essential.

An Elegant Blazer

When I say elegant, I don't neccessarily mean expensive and formal. These blazers can be however you like them – oversized, boyfriend blazers or regular ones. Black, white, soft pink, anything is a good choice as long as it fits you well! They especially come in handy on those chilly summer nights to wear something over your dress.

A Beautiful Flowy Dress/Romper

No better way to feel comfortable and chic at the same time than when wearing a nice flowy summer dress/romper! Us girls need it, and we need many of them in different colors and with different patterns. Opt for simple designs for day time and spice things up by adding a good piece of jewelry for a night out option

What are your summer essentials?