NYC: Review of My Trip (Days 1 & 2)

I want to start this off by saying I am NOT a city person. I like fresh air, nature and especially pretty water. But, I was actually excited for my latest trip to NYC. NYC is one of those cities you just have to visit. There is so much to experience there and it should be on every person's trip list. Here is a summary of what I did on my quick trip and reviews on each of the places I stayed!

Day 1:

We arrived in NYC and went straight to our first hotel, The Library Hotel. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in - there was a small, but cute, lobby with books everywhere to fit the theme. As soon as you walk in you can tell you are in a high-end hotel. I walked up to the front desk and was greeted with extremely wonderful customer service. We were given great suggestions for food and drinks for the night!

We went up to the room and it was decorated so nicely. It was pretty small, but everything was done very well. Each room had a theme and our was dinosaur, with dinosaur books everywhere. It also had a really cute bathroom which is always a big plus for me. 

After we settled into our hotel, we went to grab some dinner and then drinks at a gorgeous rooftop bar. We had the perfect view of the Empire State Building and it really started our trip off on the right note.

Day 2:

We slept in today (as we did every day) because it's vacation, right? And the beds at hotels are always extra comfy. Each of the hotels we stayed at are a part of the Library Hotel Collection and each have a continental breakfast included that we took full advantage of. After that, we decided to explore the sights that were close by. 

Right down the street was the New York Public Library and WOW. It is gorgeous in there. I am always amazed by the detail put into marble and wood carvings, and this place is full of them. Definitely a place you want to visit. 

We then walked to Grand Central Station because it's one of those places every tourist needs to see. It was cool to see how gorgeous it is (compared to the station here in Chicago), but it was a bit underwhelming. If you have to skip something - skip this.

It was time for some lunch at this point, and we knew we had to try some NY style pizza. We got a white pizza and a regular and they were delicious. I know I'm a Chicagoan, but it really is a toss up between NY and Chi!

After that, we were ready to continue our walking and explore Central Park. We focused on the lower portion of the park and that was still A LOT. Central Park always amazes me at how huge it really is. We went by the zoo, the Mall, the Rambles, the lakes, and it was all gorgeous. Except... we did get very lost haha. 

Once we found our way out, we went to check into our next hotel - Hotel Elysée. This hotel had a French theme. It was nice and they kept the theme well, however I did feel it was a little dated. It was not as nice as the first hotel. BUT the room was much larger. It had a mini kitchen, a nice bathroom, and a larger room. 

The other perk of The Library Collection is that each hotel has complimentary wine and cheese from 5-8. Three whole hours. This was amazing to us. Drinks in NYC are NOT cheap, and this was another perk we took full advantage of!

My friend from college met up with us and joined us for wine, then we headed out for Korean BBQ (my first time) which was great! And also the latest dinner I may have ever had. We called it a night after that.

Wait for the next blog post for days 3 & 4!