NYC: Review of My Trip (Days 3 &4)

Day 3:

We woke up and had our usual yummy continental breakfast before heading to the Lincoln Center for Broadway Tickets. This is a secret we learned from someone who was staying at the Library Hotel! The Lincoln Center opens hours before Times Square, so you can get better seats. Do this if you want same day shows, like we did, which you can get 40-50% off!

After that, we checked into Hotel Giraffe. I think this hotel was my favorite!! The service there was amazing. We had brought our leftover pizza and they actually heated it up for us and served it to us in the lounge. They were amazing. And the room!! It had a balcony! IN NYC! It was amazing and as you all know, I love the outdoors, so this was wonderful. Between that and the service, they get a 10/10.

After that we headed to the 9/11 memorial. This is something I recommend to everyone. It was so incredibly powerful. As you walk through, it's emotional, but once you reach the center and hear the voicemails and watch the videos... it's an emotion that is hard to explain. It reminds you of the day we should never forget.

To try to cheer ourselves up, we headed to Chinatown to try out some amazing ice cream at 10below. At this shop they create rolled ice cream deliciousness and it was AMAZING. I got s'mores flavor and it even had a roasted marshmallow and graham crackers. GO THERE.

Finally, we ended the day with something I have always wanted to cross off my bucket list: Broadway! There are many great plays in Chicago, but there is nothing like seeing it on NYC's Broadway. We saw The Play That Went Wrong, and we all loved it. It is hysterical and family friendly!


Day 4:

We enjoyed a nice breakfast at Hotel Giraffe, as usual and then made our way to Hotel Casablanca - the last hotel of our trip. This hotel definitely fit the Moroccan theme, which I absolutely loved. We were able to enjoy a suite with a living room separate from the bedroom. The room wasn't very modern, but I did enjoy the bathroom. It was very cute with the tile and Moroccan style!

We then decided to finally act like New Yorkers and take the Subway. Boy, was this an adventure. We assumed it would be like Chicago, but we were wrong. We had to go down three levels underground to find our train and for a long time we thought there were only two. But we did finally make it and were on our way to the High Line.

The High Line was probably our favorite part because it gave some sense of the outdoors while in the middle of the city. You couldn't smell the city up here and there were tons of plants, flowers and trees. It was gorgeous! We took the High Line up to Chelsea's Market which was amazinggg. We ate our way through the market (which was way too much food) and tried so many delicious and different kinds of food.

After we stuffed our faces, we headed to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty. You have to see her if you're in NYC, right? We then took the subway into Brooklyn to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge back into Manhattan. This had so many amazing views of the city and the water... breathtaking.

For dinner, we went to Little Italy! I am a HUGE Italian food fan. It was quite yummy :) Then, to start the night we checked out a few awesome speakeasies. The first speakeasy looked like an old school barber shop in the front. As you walk through the shop, you get to a hidden bar. This was very low key and a good place to go if you are wanting a chill night. We then headed over to a speakeasy where you have to go through a phone booth to get in! It was really cool. You walk into a restaurant with the phone booth, go in, and dial a number on the phone which then opens a hidden door to get in.

To top of the night, we went to the famous Comedy Cellar. They were absolutely hilarious! This place is known to have amazing talent and now I see why. After an amazing show, we wanted to end our trip on an amazing high - Times Square. It was amazing. The lights from the ads were so bright it felt like daytime! 

All in all, this was an amazing trip. I am really glad I went out of my comfort zone and headed to THE city. 

What has your favorite trip been?