How To Start Your Own Blog

Blogging became an important part of my life and I really can't imagine my life without it anymore! Being a blogger helped me to develop myself in many ways, to show off my creativity, to meet amazing people and overall it made me very happy. Having your own blog doesn't really take too much time. If you like writing and sharing parts of your life, then you'll enjoy coming up with new posts, creating new outfits, make up looks or whatever you chose to put your focus on. The most important thing is that you like blogging! Everything else comes easy, really.

If some of you want to start your own blog, I will use this opportunity to support and encourage you and give you some advice on how to start.

Follow your dreams, don't give up and always stay true to yourself!

I started blogging as a hobby, but if you're persistent enough and become more successful, it can be a great way to earn money as well. There's nothing better than earning doing what you love and what makes you truly happy!

1. Decide what you want to write about

What's that one thing you're really passionate about? Is it fashion, is it make up, is it travelling or is it something else? Or is it all of it? Answer that question to yourself and you're one step closer to having a successful blog! Once you've decided what your blog will be about, you're ready for the next step.

The most popular blogs are written about:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Food & Health etc.

2. Pick a fun name for your blog

You want to be careful with this one. Once you decide a name for your blog, there's no going back – this will be the name that will follow you through the years to come and this is the name your followers will know you by. Pick something that's representative, easy to remember but unique and that really fits your personality and what your blog will be about. If you really can't come up with anything good by yourself, you can use some generators to help you out. Finding a good name can last for a very looong time.

3. Find a good hosting site

WordPress is really one of my favorites, so I strongly recommend to chose that one for start. It's not difficult to set up your blog on WordPress and there are many custom designs you can use for your blog, so you won't need any IT knowledge to have your blog up and running the way you want it.

So, you know what you want to write about, you've come up with a name for your blog and you created the blog on WordPress which has a lovely installed theme? You're ready to go!

Writing your first post can and should be difficult. This is the post that has great meaning – it's your chance to introduce yourself to the world of blogging and it can determine the path your blog will take from this point on. Introduce yourself, make it fun, make it funny and always try to communicate with your readers through your posts.

Remember, quitting is not an option. There will always be people who will make fun of you and everyone else who tries to do something positive with their lives. Don't pay attention to it. All the world's famous bloggers have faced such crisis and faced bad comments, but you shouldn't care about that. Write from your heart, write about things that put a smile on your face and things you have passion about. It will show, everyone will notice it.

Now, grab your camera with a smile, take photos and start writing your first blog post! Good luck!