Perfect Summer Pick - A White Shirt!


White shirts might not sound so appealing at first, but they're a classic and will soon become one of the first things you'll reach for when you open your closet. Luckily, the trends are ever changing and the classic white shirt has been replaced with many different, romantic designs.

Usually when you think of a plain white shirt, you think of something that's a bit boring, right? Well, that's not the case. In the summer of 2017, white shirts are irresistable, especially if you want to add a bit of boho vibe to your usual outfit. Apart from being very pretty, they're quite easy to combine with other clothing pieces and that's why they'll fit perfectly with your jeans or casual straight leg trousers. Plus, you probably won't notice the heat while wearing them since they're usually super light on the skin and feel veeery comfortable!

Many of the latest styles look kind of puffy, and while I'm not a big fan of these, many of my friends actually like them because they make you look like you're all dressed up in matter of seconds. And who wouldn't want that, right? My favorite designs are “off the shoulder“since they really emphasize both the neck and the collarbone. That type of design really makes you feel gorgeous, no matter what your mood is!

So, let's check out some of those white shirt styles!