Beach Trend: Knitted Swimwear

No matter how many swimsuits I have, every year I have to pick and buy new ones. It's my summer obsession! Luckily, the trends are ever changing so I get the opportunity to try something new each year. This time, I am obsessing over knitted swimsuits. Aren't they just so cute? I love how knitted swimsuits made their huge comeback this season and how they really add to that retro vibe on the beach. If you don't feel comfortable wearing a knitted swimsuit, you could always opt for those made of lycra with just a couple of smail knitted details on them.

These swimsuits are perfect for both beach and the pool and will probably be favorites for nature lovers since they are made of cotton, unlike other materials regularly used for swimwear. They come in different shapes and designs, but usually you will find knitted tops to be in the shape of triangle while bottoms may vary – from standard sized ones to high waist (which I absolutely adoooore this summer since they really hide the imperfections you may have and emphasize your figure so well). Plus, you can always combine them any way you want. Your top could be knitted while your bottoms aren't, as you can see in one of the pictures below. Knitted swimwear looks really good this season so it's really hard to do it wrong. Try it out and have fun!


The only negative I have for these swimsuits is that they take a lot longer than regular swimwear to dry. The material is heavier and more difficult to dry completely, but that's not something that should bother you much. We're not like guys – we usually have a lot of different swimsuits we take with us on vacation, not just one. That's why you can wear something else while waiting for your new fav knitted swimsuit to dry. All in all, I give it a huge plus and it's the one summer trend you must try this season while strolling down the beach!