Buns or Braids?


A good hair day. Something that is so hard to achieve sometimes, isn't it? To me, if my hair doesn't look the way I want it to look, everything else is pointless – the makeup, the outift, everything! Nevertheless, it's important to always have a backup plan for the bad hair days.

Recently, it has been quite easy for me to find new hair styles that would fit me during the hot weather thanks to Pinterest! Even though I prefer simple beachy waves during the summer, there are many other interesting and creative ideas to try out which you can find there.

One of my absolute faves are buns, which you can wear either low or pretty up high. It gives you a really sweet look that you can rock with every outfit and on every occasion. My second fav are messy braids (these are always a winner)! Both of these efortless hairstyles really help you out when it's very hot outside and show off your face. If you don't want them to look too simple, you can always add something that will be your signature look – for example, you could use a scarf or a bandana and put it over your bun for a more unique and creative look. You could do something similar with buns, too! It's up to you – be creative and have fun!

What is your favorite? Buns, braids, or another hairstyle altogether?