Chicago Staycation: EMC2 Hotel


Sometimes all you need is a getaway, but you just don't have the time to actually go somewhere. Hence: the Staycation. I was in desperate need of one and decided to spend the night downtown in Chicago. I was lucky enough to come across EMC2 and I am being completely honest when I say it was one of my favorite hotel stays EVER!!

The hotel recently opened (about 3.5 months ago) and you can tell. As soon as you walk in, everything looks so trendy and new and amazing. The hotel combines science with art and you can see it everywhere you turn - from quotes on the walls to bookshelves and filing cabinets hanging from the wall to the GORGEOUS furniture. 

I got to stay on the 22nd floor, the top floor, and the views were amazing. You could see so many skyscrapers, gorgeous lights and rooftop bars from the extra large windows. But I'm not sure which was better - the view or the room. The room blew me away. Everything looked so pretty and new. My favorite was the phone music amplifier! 

I settled into bed and was happily surprised to see the hotel had Netflix. Could it get any better than this? YES. The TV randomly rang like a doorbell saying Cleo was at the door. If you guys don't know who Cleo is... she's no big deal... just your average ROBOT. I opened the door to find Cleo waiting at the door and the top of her opened up to reveal some desserts for me and a nice note.

I fell asleep in that super comfy bed and slept in nicely. I then went downstairs to their restaurant, The Albert, and again I was in awe of how gorgeous everything was. I had a delicious (and fancy) lunch with some delicious drinks and just enjoyed being in such a beautiful atmosphere. 

I was blown away by this hotel. PLEASE PLEASE visit it. You will not regret it. EMC2 is now my go-to hotel whenever I stay in the city.