DIY Spa Night In Ideas

There are just some days when you don’t feel energized and you feel completely drained. Maybe it’s the stress, maybe there are some lifestyle habits of yours that need adjusting, but whatever it is - a spa night just for yourself sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Spa nights in are something that I like to do very often. My life doesn’t need to be particularly stressful, but it's always a good option! I always feel much more relaxed after I have a spa night in, especially when I am about to go to sleep. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself if you want to sleep like a baby. Trust me on this one, thank me later.

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So, how do you actually do it?

The options are many and they depend on what you actually LIKE and what really relaxes YOU. Think of your favorite scents - is it vanilla, rose, cinnamon or something else? Do you like scented candles for your spa night in? Rules are that THERE ARE NO RULES. Whatever you like, whatever relaxes you and makes you happy is the perfect option for your spa night in.

However, I’d still like to share some tips with you to make it easier or if you ran out of ideas and would like to try something new.

1. Light up those candles!

Creating a low light atmosphere while you’re having your DIY spa night in will definitely affect you positively and relax you. Candle light is the perfect source of light for relaxing + you get to choose some of the most beautifully scented candles to enjoy your spa night.

2. Prepare your hair mask

While having a spa night, what I like to do is prepare and apply a hair mask to make my hair beautiful, shiny and healthy looking! You can either buy a good hair mask at the drugstore or you can prepare one yourself using ingredients you have at home - eggs, honey etc.

3. Bath bomb!

Self-explanatory. They’re perfect for a spa night in and totally inexpensive.

4. Use cucumbers

Use them either as a gel or simply raw. Apply them on your eyes while you are pampering yourself in the bathtub and simply enjoy knowing that you are doing something great for yourself and rewarding yourself for the work you’ve done throughout the week. Relax. Think of all the beautiful things surrounding you.

5. Put some music on

But by music, I don’t mean anything aggressive. The whole point of having a DIY spa night in is not only to pamper yourself, but to relax your mind and body. Try turning on some chill or even classical music if you like it and let your thoughts wander while you’re completely relaxed. It’s magical!

6. Don’t forget to have a drink.

Be it something with alcohol in it like wine or something as simple as lemon water, pour yourself a glass of something you enjoy the most. Enjoy your drink while you’re all by yourself and really take time for yourself.

These are some simple but effective tips for a perfect spa night in! The best thing about them is that you need little to no money to have a perfect night just for yourself.

Hope you enjoy!