Tips For Quickly Growing Out Your Hair

We’ve all been there, right - you see a stunning photo on Instagram of your favorite celebrity, who got herself a brand new, bold haircut and suddenly you’re like “I GOTTA CUT MY HAIR LIKE THAT”. Then it happens, you get yourself that same haircut and 30 minutes later you are already regretting your choice and googling “tips for quickly growing out hair”.

Yes, we have all probably been there and I have too, so this time I decided to share some of my fav tips for quickly growing out your hair. Tested and working!!

1. Cut your hair

So you might be wondering - cutting hair will make my hair longer? Isn’t that ridiculous? Actually, it’s not. It is one of the most effective ways to naturally grow out your hair. By cutting your hair every one or two months, you get rid of split ends and “dead” hair and this results in your hair growing quicker than before. Your hair will be healthy, you will have no split ends AND you will quickly grow your hair. Better to have it shorter and healthy than to have dull, damaged hair, don’t you think?

2. Water

Another natural way of growing your hair quick is water. Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day which will help both your hair and skin, and it will also make your hair grow much quicker. Many benefits, easy to practice!

3. Brush it often

But be careful though - you don’t want to brush your hair while it is wet because that will only damage it and bring you no good and no hair growth! If you do have to comb it while wet, make sure to comb it with a wide tooth tomb and be very gentle. If you damage your hair, it will grow much slower than you want.

4. Protein intake

Food that we consume has a huge impact on how your hair looks and grows, too. Therefore, if you want to have really nice long hair, then you should definitely consider your protein intake! If you are a vegeterian, then make sure to pick vegetables rich in protein.

5. Don’t wash hair every day!!

If you want to make your hair grow quicker, you should reduce washing your hair to every two-three days at least or one time a week (this would be ideal however it is very difficult for us girls to follow). Use some dry shampoo to endure through those couple of days - your hair will surely thank you!

EXTRA: Does Biotin really work for quickly growing out your hair?

Biotin, also known as B7, one of the essential B vitamins, is often recommended for hair growth. However, I haven’t experienced any significant change in my case. Usually Biotin works well for people who have B7 deficiency which is very rare and most of us already have sufficient B7 levels.

Feel free to share some of your favorite tips in the comments!