What is a photoshoot actually like?

I am lucky enough to be able to consistently do one of the things I love – photoshoots. Many people may view that as a vain statement, but it truly is so much fun. Working with a photographer to create a piece of art is more than just sitting in front of a camera and trying to look pretty. In fact, some of the time pretty isn’t even the goal. The pictures paint a story and it is so much fun to be a part of that.

I’ve done photoshoots by myself and with others, in a bikini on the beach and bundled up in the Chicago cold and with photographers of all different personalities. Each shoot is different, but after my experiences I have found a few constant qualities:

  1. It is never totally planned out. You can have a vision in your head, as can the photographer. You can have a Pinterest board of inspiration to work off of. You can have a pile of outfits that you think will work. But when it comes time to actually shoot, most of the time you don’t end up with what you thought you would. I have found myself feeling like I wanted to be wearing something different, have my hair different, evoke a different emotion, but then I see the end product and we have created something great together.
  2. You never know how long it will take. Sometimes you can get exactly what you want in less than an hour, other times you have to go all day to get exactly what you want. You’ll always have to keep your day wide open!
  3. But what I find most important is that the way you mesh with the photographer means EVERYTHING. I have worked with photographers of all types, and most of the time we get along great! But other times it doesn’t click as well. And when that happens, it shows.

These points are what I find most important when it comes to typical fashion shoots. But, as most of you know, I have also done lingerie photoshoots. This is something that is a much more intimate and revealing process, and requires a lot of trust with the photographer you are working with.

In this industry, there are times when people are taken advantage of. So if you ever decide to go into modeling, don’t get so excited that you don’t take that trust into account. I have only worked with photographers I trust completely in a setting that makes me comfortable. To me, feeling comfortable is worth more than getting the perfect shot.

I would love to hear any other questions you may have about the process! Feel free to comment below.




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