Airline Review: IcelandAir (Economy)

As many of you know, I like to spend my time traveling. While doing so, I have been on many different airlines and have figured out the little things that really make a difference when you’re stuck in a seat for hours. Here is my review of IcelandAir:

Comfort: 4/5

On my way to Iceland, my seat was broken and I could not recline. This led me to having a pretty sore back from sleeping on my tray (it was a red-eye, I did anything I could to get some sleep). But, I was very happy to have been provided with both a pillow and a blanket that was surprisingly comfy despite sitting in Economy.

On the way back to the US, my seat functioned perfectly and I realized how dang comfortable they really were! I slept peacefully in my middle seat for hours which I can’t say I have ever done on a flight.

Entertainment: 5/5

I was blown away by the entertainment available on IcelandAir! Each seat in Economy had a screen that had tons of great and new movies to choose from. The best part – they were all FREE! They also provided free headphones (although not good quality) for those of us that forget iPhones have stupid headphones that don’t work with anything else anymore. I slept the whole time on the way to Iceland, but on the way home I got to watch two movies – Suicide Squad and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Hospitality: 4/5

The flight attendants were very kind and helpful. When you get on the plane, they offer you a free bottle of water, which I loved! The only reason I do not give them a 5 is that I was not blown away by their attending, but for Economy I would certainly give them an A.

Food/Drink: 3/5

It was a little odd to me that while on the flight we were not offered any free food. Not even a bag of peanuts! On a flight that is that long, I would have expected a snack of some kind.

On the way home, I ordered some food. They did have some interesting options, which impressed me. I ordered 3 mini Icelandic hamburgers which were quite good. Also, when I was collecting my baggage I overheard three different women comment on how delicious a salad of theirs was!

Reliability: 4/5

The plane to Iceland was on time. But the best part about IcelandAir was the fact that security was a BREEZE. It is a much smaller security line and we got through it in what felt like minutes. This was the same case on the way back. Our flight to the US was delayed by only 10 minutes and there was a huge winter storm the night before that left 2 feet of snow in Iceland. I would say that’s pretty impressive.

Overall: 4/5

Overall, I was very impressed by this airline. It had a few faults, but for the most part it was great. I would definitely recommend it to friends and I already plan on taking it again because of one unique features it offers – you can have extended layovers in Iceland for no extra cost. I plan on using this on my way to Europe because there a few things I wish I had seen that I hadn’t. There is so much to see in Iceland in so little time!

All in all, I do recommend IcelandAir and will be using it again myself in the near future.