Are You Looking For A Different Kind Of Getaway? Look No Further.

If you enjoy traveling but have gone through your list of things to do – beach, mountains, international – check, check, and check! Well, it is time to try something new. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or not, there is a new type of travel experience for you. Continue reading for what might be the beginning of your next adventure.

Join a Club for Adventure

People go on adventures every day. They go hunting, fishing, and sport shooting at their leisure near their homes and at nearby lakes. Even if you do not have access to public lands or waterways for these experiences, you can still partake in the fun and challenges by joining a private organization such as The Gilchrist Club.

Clubs like this are dedicated to perpetuating the history of the hunt and the sport of the shoot by preserving them for members today and in the future. When you choose to make this part of your next travel destination, you are taking a part of the area’s past and making it your own.

A few of the most common activities at hunt clubs may include the following sports and more.

  • The Shooting Sport – If you have never before partaken in all that shooting sports have to offer, get ready for a rush of adrenaline. Many clubs offer various sport shooting options, such as trapshooting with clay pigeons, rifles, pistols, and archery. Try your hand at improving your aim on courses and the range. 
  • The Fishing Life – Fishing is another popular club sport. You probably know someone who speaks often of their time on the water with friends and family, soaking in the sun, breathing the fresh air, and relaxing – until they feel a pull on the line! That is when the mood changes to excitement. Choosing the equipment, setting it up, and finding the perfect spot are all meditative and practiced applications that lead up to the thrill of the catch.

Watch this video for one young person’s perspective on why he is passionate about fishing.

  • Hunting in the Wilds – Wild game hunting is something you probably want to check off your bucket list. Going out is a perk of the club. You will benefit from the expertise of a professional guide. This means you have experience on your side, as a novice. Look for game such as deer, quail, wild hog, turkey, and more.
  • The Dining Experience – After a long and rewarding day out in the field, on the water, on the range, or in the thick of a hunt, you will be famished. Most clubs offer an onsite restaurant where you can sit back, relax, and talk about your day’s adventures while enjoying deliciously prepared food with your friends and family.

Now that you know more about these types of exclusive, member-only hunting and sport clubs, you should find one near you. The camaraderie and memories that can only come from a place like this will stay with you for a lifetime. Try something different today. And make sure you post about it. Everyone will want to see everything you have to share!