My New Favorite Beauty Products

Ok, so imagine walking up a flight of stairs through a partially hidden doorway, honestly not really expecting much, and seeing THIS.

Yeah, I was shocked, too. BareMinerals sure knows how to throw a soiree! As soon as we got there we were surrounded by other beautiful, talented bloggers learning more about BareMinerals and enjoying (delicious) drinks.

It was so nice to meet some other bloggers in the Chicago area because honestly, I didn’t know any. I could tell you a million photographers, but I had yet to go to an event where I could meet people in the industry, so it was awesome to be surrounded by so many badass women.

I mingled, I drank, I enjoyed and then I got to sit in the coveted BareMinerals chair to get my makeup done. The makeup artist could tell I am no makeup expert and like to keep it natural, so she matched me up with some amazing products that feel barely there!

I’m pretty sure they hooked me. BareMinerals 4 lyfe.