Mykonos in a Weekend

We went to Mykonos purely on accident. Seriously. We tried to buy tickets from Athens to Santorini TWICE and both times we bought to Mykonos for some reason… but it was the best accident ever. 

When you land, you may be like “why did I listen to this Meghan girl?!” because that was our reaction. It’s a very dry island and didn’t really look all that pretty. And then we got to Little Venice. GAME. OVER.

Where to stay

Absolutely, 100% stay in Little Venice. While the prices will definitely be higher, it will be the Greece you always imagined. You can walk down all white alleyways, visit all white shops, restaurants & bars, & be right on the water with beautiful windmills gracing the skies. It’s worth the money, I promise! 

We stayed at an Airbnb here, & while it cost a lot we absolutely loved it. I have a feeling most property in Little Venice will be through rental sites like Airbnb because I didn’t see a single hotel. These are probably more on the outskirts, so they won’t be in the center of everything like an Airbnb would be. Make sure to check out all of your options!

Where to eat

There is a whole lot of great food in the Little Venice area, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites:

  • For some great views right on the water, make sure to check out Caprice Bar. It is an incredible spot to see the buildings of Mykonos, the windmills & the gorgeous water.
  • For a good breakfast, there is a tiny place that serves some truly delicious crepes called Crepaland. It is a great breakfast to have on the go as you explore the city. 
  • For cocktails (or if you don’t want alcohol, some super cute & yummy smoothies), check out Alley. Not only is it quite tasty, but it is the cutest place to take some Insta-worthy pics.

What to do

Little Venice is a truly beautiful city to just wander around. I recommend spending a good day just walking & enjoying the town. The winding alleyways always lead you to somewhere beautiful!

If you’d like to have a beach day, check out Paraga Beach, especially if it a windy day. When it’s windy, the area around Little Venice tends to take the hit. Paraga is a great place to escape. Plus, there are so many great bars that line the beach & fill it with cute & comfy cabanas to rent out. 

When you are over there, you can check out the famous Scorpios which is well known for it’s partying & beautiful sunsets during which they have sunset rituals involving music & fun. However, make sure you eat before heading over because the meals are much too expensive for what you get (in both quantity & quality). Also, if you don’t want to splurge for a cabana or table reservation, just head down to the beach area & sit on the rocks. You’ll get a great view & all of the fun!

Random tips

  • Use the bus system! Taxis are way overpriced & their public buses are incredibly cheap & convenient.
  • Don’t go November-February. The entire tourist area of the island shuts down. You won’t be able to find any open restaurants or shops!