Fashion Inspo of the Week – Bella Hadid

Checking Instagram very early in the morning became a part of my daily routine. I go through my friends’ posts, see what they’ve been up to, respond to some messages/comments I get on my blog and then I finally proceed to get some fashion inspiration. As soon as I open my Instagram app, there she is – Bella, Bella, Bella!

Lately, my feed has been flooded with pictures of Bella Hadid! At first, I noticed her only through The Weeknd, however now everything else about this girl is in the spotlight – a strong mix & match outfit game, gorgeous skin, perfect lips and an amazing figure! Seriously, this girl looks breathtaking in even the most laid back styles, which made it easy for her to become one of the most influential young people when it comes to the world of fashion. I just love how easily she can rock both feminine and biker chick styles while still looking flawless! Obviously, she has moved away from simply being a Gigi’s little sister to a HUGE style icon.

Black usually dominates Bella’s bold style, but she is also known for combining it with very bright colors such as orange, yellow or red. Most often you will see her in sportswear (Adidas, Nike etc.) or rocking Vetements hoodies, cropped tops and tracksuits.

Leather jackets are another signature style piece of hers, so make sure to check out in pictures below how she combines it. Use the inspiration and wear your own leather jacket in a completely new way!

Bella Hadid rocks outfits that are a bit too edgy from time to time, seeing how she rarely wears bra, and sometimes shows a bit too much. These outfits are for some major fashion events and afterparties, so I would definitely not recommend to use them as inpiration for your everyday style (well, if you think you’re that bold, you can..). However, I have to admit that she surely looks super hot in them!

As I’ve mentioned before, black is Bella’s favorite color and now that you’ve seen couple of photos, you’ll probably notice that, too. To be honest, I am a huge fan of black, as well, since black is super easy to pair with other clothing pieces and always gives you that bold look and a dash of confidence.

Now, I have question for you guys! Which one do you like the most – Bella’s feminine, more sophisticated looks or streetstyle, sports look? Here’s more fashion inspiration from Bella for you to decide AND make sure to let me know which one you prefer, I’d love to hear your thoughts.