What’s in my Travel Bag?

Hello lovelies! Winter is almost over, which means more sunny days and much much more travel opportunities! I really love winter because there are many things you can do like mountain trips with your friends, snowboarding, skiing etc., but spring and summer are the two seasons that are perfect for you to finally take that trip to Europe you’ve been planning for a while, visit other states, go camping… There are many opportunities, so you gotta pay extra attention to pack your bags wisely.  One of the worst things can be packing too much stuff you don’t really need OR forgetting to pack the essential pieces. If you’re as fashion addicted as I am, then you probably know what I’m talking about – you always need more space in your bag!

1.     Where’s that Passport?


A couple of times I was so close to forgetting my passport that it drove me crazy. Imagine getting in your car/bus and driving halfway to your destination before you realize that you forgot your passport. Worst case scenario, right? Make sure your passport is the first thing you prepare and keep it somewhere near you, you’ll be needing it on multiple occasions during your trip.

2.     iPad and the music playlist of my dreams

I rarely go anywhere without my iPad! It’s especially useful for me when the route is bit longer and there’s not much to do while in the bus/car or on a plane, so I make sure to create an amazing music playlist that I’ll listen to until I arrive to my destination. Sometimes I even download some fun games and share the amusement with the friends I’m traveling with. Of course, my headphones are always there, without them my iPad would be half useless since I’m so addicted to music.

3.     Toiletry and Makeup Bag – every girl’s must have!


This one is something that every girl would definitely have on her list – makeup bag with loads of different lotions, lipsticks (matte, as I prefer), foundations, CONCEALERS (these ones are a life saver after a long flight), mascaras etc. My toiletry bag also includes all the basic stuff such as a mini toothpaste and a brush, makeup remover wipes and all other things that I usually use as a part of my morning routine when at home.

Earplugs are also a huge MUST. While I was a on bus ride to New York last summer, one guy told me how earplugs are his best friends when travelling. Honestly, I couldn’t agree with him more! There’s nothing more bothering than the loud/annoying music of the person sitting next to you, babies crying or other noises you’d rather not hear while on the way to your dream destination.

4.     Clothes that I NEED, not clothes that I WANT


Yes, it’s so hard to resist the temptation to bring that little black dress with you and your favorite matching sandals + jewelry you wear with it and so on and so on. But you know that you can’t just bring the dress itself with you, because you also need everything else that comes with it. Ask yourself, do you really need it? Are you really going to have the opportunity to wear that piece? I usually check the weather forecast before I go and I make sure to pack my stuff accordingly. A windbreaker, a hoodie, couple of T-shirts, fav jeans/shorts and comfy sneakers/sandals, depending on the season, are all a part of the list. I like my travel bag lightweight. Don’t overpack and stress out about clothes too much, you’ll probably go shopping at one point anyway J (at least I always do!)

5.     Capture the moments with a good camera


Seriously, I don’t even consider going anywhere without it! Wherever I go, I try my best to memorize all the places I’ve seen, all the food I’ve tasted and all the interesting people I’ve met. Though, as you know, it is impossible to remember all of the details. That’s why I always bring my camera with me. I want to remember as much as possible, because I know that looking at those travel pics will put a huge smile on my face one day when I see them. I’m all about capturing moments that I enjoy, so camera is one of the most important things for me when packing stuff to travel.

6.     Always in need of a good book

When I get back to my hotel room in the evening, if I am not already too tired, I often like to read a good book to relax. It also proves to be very useful if the weather is bad and there’s nothing interesting to do. Bad weather is not the only precondition, though. I’ve realized on several occassions that there’s nothing better than a good book while relaxing on the beach and drinking a cocktail. It’s definitely one of my favorite relaxing routines – a good book and a refreshing cold drink. Currently, I am thinking about buying a book called “When Nietzsche Wept“, a novel about obsession that I will probably bring with me on my next trip.

7.     Miscellaneous

OK, so these 6 items are the most important to me, HOWEVER there are plenty of other details that I didn’t list because if I did the list would be seriously looooong. Us girls just need too much stuff, don’t you think? Guys have it so much easier.

Some other things that can always be found in my travel bag are: a sunscreen, tissues and bandages (just in case, always be prepared, especially if hiking or something!), earplugs, headphones, A PHONE CHARGER (I know many of you, just like me, would probably die without it), a hat, swimsuit and medications (painkillers in case of a painful period, headaches, allergies etc.).

So, this was a brief list of my travel essentials – I tried not to be too detailed as I really wanted for you to be able to use this post as your own packing guide as well, so I wasn’t very specific when it comes to the names and brands of products that I use. Of course, if you’d like to know more details, let me know and I will include all the information you want in one of my next blog posts.

What is your must have item when traveling?