Game Changing Makeup Tips

This morning while I was applying my makeup, I realized how much the makeup game has changed since I first started using it in high school. Now there are so many products, tools and tips you can find online that it’s almost impossible for someone to not know how to properly apply foundation, use eyeliner etc. Though, it’s easy to forget some useful makeup tips you’ve heard from someone and that’s why I’ve decided to write down couple of quick tips that will transform your everyday look if you stick to them!

Start Using a Beauty Blender for your Foundation!


This literally changed my life when it comes to makeup! I don’t even know how I could have applied the foundation with my fingertips rather then with a blender. It really changes the way foundation looks on your face, dabbing the foundation on your face looks very neat neat and your whole makeup look in general looks more well put. I usually use it when wet in order to get the best results. Also, make sure to regularly wash your beauty blender with a soft shampoo/shower gel to get rid of any dirt and foundation residue.

Creating a Proper Makeup Base


Also, another thing to keep in mind when creating the base for your makeup is to be careful with the order you’re doing it in. Make sure that you first use color correctors to fine out the redness, lines, pores etc. before going further with foundation application. Beauty blenders are indeed magical, but without proper preparation makeup, your look will not reach its ultimate best. Once you had applied the color correctors, then comes the foundations and AFTERWARDS – the concealer. I used to apply the concealer before the foundation, but the difference is huge because the effect on your dark circles is much greater the other way around. Try it out and see for yourself!

P.S. Don’t go for a cheaper foundation and concealar simply because of the affordable price. Choose more expensive one if needed (in the case it’s really better) because when you have the perfect makeup base and flawless skin, the rest of the makeup simply plays along with it.

Don’t Avoid the Eyelash Curler!


For a long time I’ve been avoiding an eyelash curler since I was pretty sure it would damage my natural lashes. Recently, I’ve decided to give it a try and this has been one of my best decisions when it comes to makeup! I’ve learned that if you use it properly, there’s no way you could damage your eyelashes. Make sure to use the curler before applying mascara in order to avoid any minor damage and to keep your curler cleaner. Using the curler after applying a thick layer of mascara might also be a good option, but be careful not to put too much pressure on the eyelashes while curling. Using it the proper way will make your eyelashes stand out and create a more open-eye kind of look.

Scotch Tape Eyeliner Application


That winged eyeliner never seems to look same on both sides, now does it? Not to mention the smudges, the unprecise line.. Eyeliner application has been a problem for me as well, until I discovered the one and only – scotch tape! Seriously, this made my life easier for both eyeliner and eyeshadow application. I’ve chosen a picture from Pinterest (above) to make it easier for you to start using this wonderful makeup tip!

Say Goodbye to Clumpy Mascara!


I don’t know about you, but for me eyelashes are probably one of the most important parts when applying makeup. Having beautiful, thick lashes can often turn into a great challenge, especially if you don’t choose a good mascara. Clumps are something we all wish to avoid since they stand in the way of our flawless long, thick lashes. The problem solver is simple – clean your wand with a makeup remover! The other thing you could also try is to use alcohol based makeup remover and pour a little bit of it into the mascara and then move your wand inside a couple of times and you’re ready to go with your clump free mascara!

Feel free to share some of your favorite makeup tips in the comments section!