Traveling the World: Iceland

If you are looking for a fun getaway, Iceland is it. People automatically think it is so far away and must be a long trip, but I did Iceland in 4 days and so can you!

I had an absolutely amazing time from start to finish, even with a major storm one day. Many flights from the US are overnight, so I got there at 6:30 am. Check-in at the hotel was at 2 pm, so I figured I shouldn’t waste all that time and made reservations at Blue Lagoon!

For those of you that don’t know, the famous Blue Lagoon is one of the biggest attractions in Iceland. And for good reason. Walking in to the hot spring area left me in complete awe. It is gorgeous light blue water with lava rocks covered in snow and a mountainous background.

Not only is the water so soothing, but they have a face mask bar. I had the Premium package, so I had access to both the silica and the algae masks. They made my face feel AMAZING. It also included a free drink of my choice, so I got to enjoy a nice glass of champagne. After visiting the Blue Lagoon, I felt an odd sense of refreshment and my skin felt amazing. Just make sure you do NOT get your hair wet. The water is very bad for your hair. They typically suggest you put conditioner in your hair before you get in, just in case!

After an amazing Blue Lagoon experience, I went to check into my hotel – Canopy by Hilton. I walked in and the atmosphere instantly amazed me. There were fireplaces and such an eclectic and amazing vibe, so I was instantly attracted and at home. There was a super cute little cafe right at the front that offered fruit, baked goods and lots of drinks.

I went up to the room and was happily surprised. The room is small, as most European rooms are, but it used every inch of space wisely and it was decorated so well. It kept the eclectic vibe going, and while I didn’t get a picture of the bathroom it was my favorite part! The floor was heated all the way into the shower… and I was in heaven. If you don’t know, bathrooms are my weakness – a good shower or tub and I am sold.

And then there is the bar – AMAZING. The bartender every night was amazing and the best part about the bar was that every night at 6 pm they offered 1 free drink and a sample of Icelandic food. How cool is that?? I spent my nights at this bar in their amazing lounge next to the fireplace.

The restaurant was also amazing. The design continued on into the restaurant and it felt high-end and hip. With the room comes free breakfast at this restaurant. I did not expect much since I am used to free breakfasts being pretty sparse. This was the biggest spread I have ever seen. Food you would actually want to order at a restaurant. I was highly impressed.

Of all of the things I did in Iceland, there was one clear favorite – seeing the Northern Lights. This has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. When we first got there and some came out, it was a bit of a disappointment. The lights were barely visible and not at all what you picture. However, we had an amazing guide that stayed outside and let us know every single time something appeared, and eventually we got to see the most beautiful lights I could imagine. It was so beautiful and completely worth the entire trip.

Another thing that is big for me when traveling is food. It’s important to me to explore the culture when visiting a new place. So while in Iceland, I tried some new food – shark, whale and puffin. I also had some of their delicious beer. Seriously guys, they have some amazing beer. There was one odd Icelandic food that was very unexpected – hot dogs. They LOVE hot dogs. They have different toppings than I was used to (like an Icelandic mustard sauce), but they were really good!

The rest of the time was spent exploring Reykjavik and it was so amazing. Everything from the famous church to walking the cobblestone streets as the snow gently fell… It felt like a fairytale. Everywhere you look you see something beautiful.

I will recommend every single part of my experience to everyone who loves to travel like me. I didn’t have a single experience I didn’t like in Iceland. Definitely add it to your list!!

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask in the comments below!