A Day in the Life of a Blogger

I’m gonna be as real as possible with you here because a lot of you have asked what life is really like for me and I want to give you a genuine glimpse in.

My days vary A LOT, so it’s hard to really explain what my “normal” day is like. Normal for me is that there is no normal. Some days I am sitting at home bored out of my mind and other days I am moving nonstop and feel like I don’t even have a chance to breathe. But in either type of day, here are the things I try to always do:

Wake up on my own clock – no alarms!

I find this super important because I have struggled with feeling sleepy all day every day. There were many days I felt like I didn’t have enough energy to get through the day. At one point I had to nap every single day. But waking up when my body tells me to wake up has helped me immensely. I now have so much more energy!

Work out

This was another thing I tried to do to help me work out, but it is also important because… well… there are a lot of pictures involved in this job. While I have always liked my body, there are always things to improve and if you can do it in a healthy way, why not! I like to switch every day between glutes, abs, hips and arms.

Follow up with companies and/or reach out to new ones

I am constantly in contact with different companies about partnerships. There is a lot of back and forth that has to happen before making sure it is a good fit and will be worthwhile for both of us. This is a big chunk of my day. Me and my email are best friends at this point.

Write something

I am either working on my new book (watch out!!) or writing a blog post. Either way, I try to always be writing something and moving forward. I need to always be creating new content!

Plan a trip

Lol seriously, this is something I do daily. I am always working on something for a trip whether that is finding hotels, looking up flights, planning photos, finding outfits, whatever. This may be my favorite part of the day!

Other than that, I am a pretty normal girl. I like to walk my dog every day, make dinner, meet up with friends, go out to events, and whatever else may come up. But I must say, I do love the blogger life I live!