No Matter Your Age, Protect Your Skin

IMG_0346I have been so mean to my skin… I love being tan and because of that tanning beds became a regular thing for me. I thought “I’ll be fine, it won’t happen to me” and “even if I look bad later on at least I’ll look good now”. Well, I’m an idiot.

Seeing my mom’s face when she found out I was using tanning beds (and even the fact that I felt like I should hide it from her) was a turning point for me. I really thought about it. If I can get the same tan via spray tan, minus the risk of skin cancer, why wouldn’t I? So I decided to switch to sunless tanning.


Not only that, but I decided to wear sunscreen DAILY. I was a little nervous about facial sunscreen to be honest, because I have always had an issue with acne. Now that I have my skin care routine down, I didn’t want to mess that up with sunscreen. But after talking to Skinfo, I discovered EltaMD Skincare’s sunscreen which is meant for acne-prone skin and is oil-free. It’s super lightweight and you can even get it tinted if you like minimal coverage like me. If you have acne-prone skin, definitely check them out at Skinfo Boutique, or you can ask them for the best option for your skin type. They are incredibly helpful!!

Sunscreen isn’t just meant for summer. You can cause damage to your skin in any season, like in the cold, snowy Chicago winters where they sun reflects like crazy off the snow. It’s also meant for any age. Starting early like I am will keep your skin healthy and beautiful as you age because no one wants skin cancer or wrinkly skin. Start NOW and avoid all that.


I’m very thankful for Skinfo and them finding the best solution for me to stick to my goals of healthy skin. They are an online boutique for cosmeceutical brands (medical grade skincare you cannot purchase from retailers). Skinfo® Specialty Skincare Boutique was founded by Dr. Amy Forman Taub, who also founded Advanced Dermatology. They don’t mess around and they know their stuff.

Finally, make sure to get annual body checks to see if there are any funky moles that need to be investigated further. Don’t put it off when you could have caught something early.

Please, please, please make the switch like me and TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN!