Beauty Review: Liquick Dead Sea Mud Mask

I am all about skin care and face masks, but I never know which ones I should get. There are SO many to choose from and so many that people swear by. So, I decided to start reviewing some masks for you. Today I am going to start with Promise Cosmetics’ Liquick Dead Sea Mud Mask!

The Application:

Since this is a liquid mask, it does take some getting used to when applying (it’s not the typical texture of masks), but the mask comes with a silicone sponge that makes it very easy to apply. It is really smooth as it goes on, and the sponge made this the CLEANEST mask application I’ve ever done.

Application Rating: 9/10

The Wait:

While I appreciate the feeling of a mask “working” as it dries, personally I hate the feeling of my face stiffening and like I can’t move/talk/eat. This is supposed to be a relaxing thing to do! So I was pleasantly surprised when I did not get that stiff feeling. I could feel it drying, but was completely able to move my face. Guess that is the perk of a liquid mask! It also only takes 5-10 minutes where many others take longer, so that was another plus.

Application Rating: 10/10

The Results:

The mask is claimed to purify your skin, make it glow, zap pimples and blackheads, tighten pores, and smooth and soften skin. After checking out my skin after, I agree with most of these. It definitely made my skin glow and my face felt way smoother and softer. It’s hard to tell about the pimples yet, so not sure about that one. As for tightening pores, I did not see a difference. But overall, my skin feels great after!

Results Rating: 8/10