Festival Hair: Lollapalooza Edition

This post was sponsored by Bed Head by TIGI, but all opinions are my own.

Every girl knows that festival attire, makeup and hair take a whole lot of planning. We basically want to look 10x cooler than we really are, let’s be honest. So when the day of Lollapalooza came around and I didn’t have my hair planned out AT ALL, you can imagine my panic…


Bed Head by TIGI was holding an event at Ulta on Michigan Ave. that allowed people to get their hair done for free and try out the Bed Head by TIGI products. OK so first of all, I loooove their products. Second of all, I was going to get my hair done by a professional in 20 minutes or less. SOLD!

I was asked what I want done and I said I had no idea, just work your magic. And work her magic she did!! Plus, every spray she used on me smelled phenomenal. I was in love with the entire process.

I ended up getting a really cool and different look where my hair was put up using knots instead of braids with loose pieces around my face. I absolutely loved it! It went with my “trendy” outfit and wasn’t as ethereal as braids would have been. Braids were great on other girls though, with more boho outfits. I also saw some amazing sets of space buns that were so gorgeous. Seriously, so many amazing festival hair ideas at this Bedhead event.

As for products, I want to give you a few suggestions for that all-day hair. My hairspray recommendation is Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray. It has great hold, while also creating beautiful shine. If you need even more shine (especially for us blondes out there), use Bed Head by TIGI Headrush. It will give you an amazing gloss finish. And finally, depending on the festival, some glitter may be necessary.

Hope this was helpful and you are ready for your next festival!

xx Meg