Has Wanderlust Inspired A Move Abroad? Tips To Find A New Home.

Traveling is a means of seeing the world and enjoying experiences, but it can also inspire you to make changes to your lifestyle or set new goals. If wanderlust has inspired you to consider moving abroad, here are some tips to help you find a new home. 

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Research the location

The first step to take when moving to a new country is to research possible locations. Think about your lifestyle and practical issues, such as proximity to infrastructure and transport links and your working arrangements. If you plan to relocate to a different office with your current employer or get a job in a town or city, you may want to find a house or a flat within easy reach. If you want to work from home, you may have a preference in terms of whether you want to be close to the action in the city or away from it all near the coast or in the countryside. Take some time to read up on different areas, find out more about what they offer in terms of amenities and lifestyle choices and ask for tips and advice from locals or other expats. It’s an excellent idea to join forums and social media groups to get an insight before you draw up a shortlist. It’s also wise to consider property prices to find areas that are suitable for your budget. 

Contact agents and browse listings online

If you have some locations in mind, the next stage is to browse online listings and contact agents who can pass on details of properties that fit the bill. You can arrange viewings if you’re planning a trip or take advantage of virtual tours from home. It’s a great idea to visit the areas you are considering and arrange some viewings if you see homes you love online, or your agent has properties in mind. In-person viewings may not always be ideal for those buying overseas, but they provide an opportunity to get a better sense of the style and proportions of the home and a feel for the property. 

Look out for red flags

If you have viewed properties or you’ve seen houses that you like online, and you’re thinking about making an offer, it’s wise to arrange a survey or inspection to identify potential red flags. If the property needs a lot of work doing inside, for example, or there are issues, such as invasive weeds and Quackgrass, in the garden, you may need to think carefully about the offer you submit or renegotiate the price if you have already put in an offer. Many prospective buyers will adjust their offer to cover the cost of work or ask the vendor to fix issues before they exchange contracts following a home survey. 

Use your head and heart

Searching for a new home is very different from finding a hotel for a vacation or an apartment to rent for a spontaneous weekend away. When you’re looking for a new home abroad, use your head and your heart. You want to feel happy and comfortable, but your new base also has to work on a practical level. 

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Have your experiences of globetrotting inspired you to want to move abroad? If you’re house hunting overseas, take these tips on board to find the perfect property.