How to Protect Your Jewelry While Traveling

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Statistical data reveals that 9.84 million Americans traveled overseas in 2020. If you’re traveling outside the country anytime soon, packing is high on your list of priorities. Your favorite jewelry pieces are undoubtedly items you will want to bring along, but there are many things to consider. For instance, you may struggle to effectively keep track of your jewelry or attract the wrong kind of attention when you wear your favorite pieces. Therefore, it’s best to know how to travel with jewelry before bringing any pieces. Below are some of the best tips you should know for traveling with jewelry.

1. Decide what jewelry to bring along

It’s common to feel like your most expensive jewelry should accompany you anytime you travel. However, it’s best to assess your needs for the trip before deciding what jewelry pieces to bring along. For starters, consider the main purpose of the trip to guide your choice of jewelry. If you’re attending exquisite dinners, more expensive jewelry should accompany you to complement your sophisticated outfits. Likewise, your jewelry needs will change if you attend a business function or spend most of your time unwinding at the beach. Nevertheless, it’s always best to pack staple items like your go-to bracelet, studs, and sentimental pieces such as a cremation pendant. These items are your go-to’s and will typically pair well with any outfit due to their versatility.

2. Pack your jewelry right

There are good and bad ways to pack your jewelry when traveling, so keep this in mind. For example, stuffing jewelry in your suitcase without any case is a bad way to pack these valuables since they can tangle. Similarly, it’s a bad idea to store jewelry in plastic bags since the vapor these plastics emit can discolor and corrode the surface of several gems. Therefore, consider getting a jewelry travel case if you’re a frequent traveler so you can conveniently carry and protect your jewelry. Also, you can buy a jewelry pouch to carry pendants and earrings. Pearl folders are also worth considering to protect your pearls, necklaces, and other huge jewelry pieces from abrasions.

3. Secure your jewelry after arriving

It isn’t a great idea to hide jewelry in our luggage upon arriving at your destination. Instead, check if your hotel room has a safe you can use to keep your jewelry when not in use. Some hotels even offer extra security services and keep your valuables in a safe-deposit box or hotel safe. Your hotel might charge you for high-security services, but this may be a small price to pay if you don’t want to lose your jewelry while traveling.

4. Keep it close at all times

The Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group conducted a national survey on traveling with jewelry in 2015. The survey discovered that the number of individuals who have reported stolen or lost fine jewelry while traveling has increased from 10% to 20% since 2015. Consequently, it’s prudent to keep your jewelry close to you and secure at all times. You can wear your jewelry on the plane to keep it safe or always put these valuables in your carry-on instead of checked baggage. Furthermore, don’t leave your jewelry unattended in a bag or suitcase while in an airport terminal. Finally, never let hotel staff carry a suitcase or bag containing jewelry and other valuables to be extra safe.