3 Business Ideas For Turning Your Travel Experiences Into A Success Story

Traveling gives you a unique perception of the world, and sometimes it can be tough to go back to reality after a fantastic trip. Not everyone is comfortable with cultural differences and living far away from the place you grew up in. But if you are an avid traveler, your wanderlust can inspire you to move abroad. After all, why go back to the monotony of your home routine when you can create another routine elsewhere in the world? 

Of course, you shouldn’t pack your bags until you’ve thoroughly researched and compared your options. Whether it comes to picking the right country for you or checking homes on the local real estate market, no decision should be taken lightly. 

As such, the most important decision you have to make when moving abroad is how your professional life will evolve. If you love the excitement of being in charge of your days and shaping it around your interests, then you’re probably looking at self-employment options. Here are three ideas to turn your travel experience into a core business strength. 

Unsplash – CC0 License

#1. Open an escape room in a tourist spot

Escape rooms are growing in popularity all around the world. Players are even willing to travel far to play memorable rooms. Besides, if you decide to open your escape room franchise within commutable distance of a tourist location, you are likely to attract a wide range of players all year round. 

So where does your travel experience come into play? Escape room themes are crucial to attracting teams. With many common themes frequently reused, such as pirate ship, zombie attack, or bank heist, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Unique themes win players over. So, how about creating a room about the local town’s history, for example? You can also receive support from the local authorities with such a project!

#2. Become a travel influencer on social media

As a seasoned traveler, you can share your experience with others through social media platforms. Instagram is a fantastic platform to share some of your best travel photos and videos. You can use it to establish your expertise as a traveler. 

This can be the opportunity to share tips on how to settle abroad, for example. You can also share memories from previous trips, using some of the most highly ranked hashtags on the platform. As a rule of thumb, influencers can work with marketing agencies and businesses for promotional activities. 

#3. Write your stories as a travel coach

You’ve seen things that many people have not seen. Traveling has changed you, and it made you who you are today. Sharing your story through a medium such as a book or even a podcast can be a superb business idea. You can use it to propel a life coach business, for example. A lot of people are still concerned about traveling abroad or traveling solo. So, you can identify your target market and use your knowledge and experience to provide tips, or even help them plan their trips. 

Are these business ideas suitable as a full-time business? It is a tricky question. Many professionals in any of these areas start their journey as a side hustle. But with sufficient work and dedication, it can become your main source of income.