A Weekend in Lake Geneva

If you’re from the Midwest, you have a place you call “the lake”. We looove our lakes here. But one of the most well-known (for good reason) is Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It is a beautiful place to escape to, be it in the summer OR the winter! In this post I will go over how you to spend a weekend in Lake Geneva.

Where to Stay

If you’re from the Chicagoland area, you probably know someone with a house here. So if possible, stay at a lakehouse in the area! If it’s not, don’t fret – there are a ton of amazing options in the area. Some great ones to check out are:

  • The Grand Geneva
  • The Geneva Inn
  • The Abbey
  • & there are tons of bed & breakfasts!
weekend in Lake Geneva

Where to Eat

Since Lake Geneva is a popular destination for Chicagoans, there are a lot of great food options available. There are two options (one being outside of Lake Geneva, but on the way from Chicago) that are my absolute favorites:

Oakfire: Not only does this restaurant have an amazing view of the lake, but the food is great! They have some amazing apps (try the burrata) & some awesome pizza options that go beyond the norms like my personal fav, the Sorrento.

Hazel’s Diner & Bakery: If you are looking for an amazing brunch, Hazel’s is the place to go. You’d never expect it in the tiny town of Hebron, but it is sooo cute & the food is AMAZING. Honestly, it’s a hidden gem.

What to Do

This differs greatly depending on the season, but there is always something to do in Lake Geneva for the weekend!


  • Go for a walk out on the ice! Check out the cars driving on the lake & all of the ice fishing.
  • Take a short walk around the lake to check out the mansions when no one else is around.
  • Enjoy all of the lakefront restaurants with the perfect view & no crowd.


  • Enjoy the lake life – go for a swim, rent a boat or a jetski, enjoy the sunshine & the water!
  • Try to walk half of the 26 mile lake shore path (or the whole thing if you’re SUPER ambitious).
  • Walk around the super cute downtown & check out the little shops, delicious food & people-watching.

Random Tips

  • Don’t shy away from Lake Geneva in the winter! It can be SO COOL! The entire lake freezes & you will see cars driving out on the ice. Plus, if you go during Christmas time there are tons of amazing light shows.
  • Golfer? Bring your clubs! There are a few great gold courses in the area, including where I got married – Hawk’s View!!