Discover All the Best of Chicago

Whether you live in Chicago or are visiting Chicago, finding the best places to eat, stay and go are top priority. This can be based on price, celebrity sightings, wait times and more. So when UrbanMatter came out with their own app that gave ALL of this information on anywhere you could want to go in Chicago, I was pumped!!


Basically, when I am getting ready for a night out I spend way too much time on this app instead of getting ready because it’s seriously so fascinating. There are so many great options included and qualities they include about each place that I never even thought about!


It’s so easy to use with a simple interface and icons to select what you are looking for. And it isall updated real-time to make sure you have all of the information you need. Personally, I like to use it to check wait times and cover charges because 1) I’m cheap and 2) I am impatient.


So if you want to find the best and most convenient things to do and places to go in Chicago, get downloading!