Unique Chicago Entertainment

Hey there Chicago peeps (and Chicago visitors)! I love to look out for new, exciting places to go in Chicago and I want to make sure I always share the best of the best with you. Recently, my best friend and I were looking for something different to do on a Friday night and I came across a very unique entertainment option… It’s called THE WILD WOMEN OF WONGO.

Yes, it sounds weird. And yes, it is weird. But the best kind of weird possible. Many people say it is “Rocky Horror Picture Show-esque”. It is immersive and interactive and so, so fun!

To sum it up, the show is about the women of Wongo and their first encounter with men, the astronauts that crash on their planet. It is a comedy and musical that keeps you moving between two rooms and never lets you get bored. I find that I tend to space out at a lot of shows because I just have a short attention span, but both my best friend and I were laughing and engaged the whole time!

I even got to be a part of a game show that happened during one of the breaks (where I suggest taking advantage of the strong yet tasty Wongotinis)!

One of the things we loved the most (besides basically the entire show) was the awesome crowd. There are so many different kinds of people that you would normally never see together all sitting on couches or standing around each other enjoying the same exact entertainment. That part felt amazing.

PLEASE go check out THE WILD WOMEN OF WONGO in Chicago at Chopin Theatre! It is absolutely worth it. Use code MEGHAN to get your tickets for only $20!! And no, I don’t make any money at all off use of this code, I just want to help you all see something amazing!