San Diego in a Weekend

Oh, California… If I had a whole lot more money I would be living right on the beach there. I have visited every major city in California, and San Diego may be my favorite of them all. It is definitely in the top 2! I recently spent a long weekend in San Diego and I got to do EVERYTHING I wanted to do (besides ride those amazing scooters that are all over the city) and I want to share all of my favorites for your next visit to the amazing city.

1. An easy, but breathtaking hike

We happened to have the best possible weather for a hike – 72 and sunny! We decided to check out Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve because of the fact that we could end the hike on the beach after amazing ocean views throughout the entire hike. Heads up, it is abit steep on the way up, but once you make it to the top it is completely worth it.

It was amazing to see views of the ocean from the cliffs and then make our way down to a gorgeous beach. We got to walk the beach all the way back to the car after taking a few stops to dip our feet in the water. Highly recommend this hike!

2. Pool party!

If you are in San Diego, you have to take advantage of the amazing weather and all of the hotels with great pool parties. There is always someone fun performing at one of the pools in the area (especially if you are staying by Gaslamp) so you can enjoy some great music, yummy drinks and a nice pool!

I went with a group of girls that ranged in all different personality types. Some didn’t drink much and some took full advantage and every single one of them had fun! So no matter what your preference is when it comes to drinking, these pool parties are a great time.

3. Relax at the beach

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, the beach!! I swear, the beach makes me happier than anything else in the world. I automatically feel a sense of calm, peace, and happiness as soon as I step on the beach. 

We went to Pacific Beach and it was amazing! The sand was so soft and while it was a little crowded, it wasn’t too bad at all. We laid on the beach and enjoyed the sun before exploring the shops, bars and restaurants along the beach. We also went out on the pier where the views were stunning of the ocean, beach and cliffs. I definitely did a little house “window shopping”.

If you are looking for a fun, but still relaxing trip with your girlfriends, definitely go to San Diego. You won’t regret it.