Travel Hack: How to Save Time Picking Out Travel Outfits

How much time do you spend picking out travel outfits for a trip? If you’re anything like me, you lay out a bunch of options, try them on in front of the mirror, dislike something about it, try something new. Rinse & repeat. Or maybe you’re the type of person who throw a bunch of different pieces into a suitcase and hope it will turn into some cute outfits in the end.

Either way, you waste a ton of time picking out travel outfits or you end up hating some of the outfits in the end. So how can you avoid all of this? Well, there are a few tips I have:

1. Opt for classic pieces in your wardrobe to make up most of your outfits

If you start with a basic outfit of your favorite pair of jeans, some cute tank tops, a sweater, whatever it is – you can always spice it up with something fun. Maybe it’s a cheetah patterned shoe, or a patterned scarf, or a beautiful jacket. No matter what, you can reuse your basic pieces over & over on your trip while changing up a few things.

2. Pack some outfits that don’t require multiple articles of clothing

This means pack dresses & rompers! They are an easy one-item outfit that doesn’t take planning, plus it will take up a lot less room in your luggage than multiple pieces will! If you are going somewhere with a colder climate, try some jumpsuits!

3. Use a stylist!

Perhaps the most helpful tip here, this will save you the most time. I know, I know. It sounds expensive. But it’s not if you use the right company! My favorite to use is Trunk Club. They are super easy & the stylist fee is ONLY $25 (which is credited toward anything you keep)!! Basically, you take a quiz so that your stylist can assess your style, & then they come up with a bunch of outfits for you within your price range. I love how you always get to preview the pieces before they ship & you can let your stylist know what you think. Plus, after you get your Trunk & try everything on, you have five days to then keep or return whatever you want. It’s super easy to return since they give you a prepaid return slip and will even arrange for UPS to pick it up from your home! . Plus, if you have a Nordstrom credit or debit card, your $25 styling fee will be waived, and you can earn Nordstrom notes on all Trunk Club purchases.

Hope these tips make your packing easier on your next trip!