How to Become a Travel Blogger

I get a lot of questions in my Instagram DMs, from how I edit my pictures to where my outfit is from. But the #1 question I get by FAR is: How do I become a travel blogger?! So I decided to share some of my secrets on how to become a travel blogger for all of you so that you can follow your dreams just like I did.

So let’s start at the very beginning – you know you love to travel & it’s what makes you truly happy & would love to take that passion & turn it into your career. Well, you are already a step ahead of a lot of people because you actually KNOW what your dreams are! This post will go over the basics & where you should start, but if you want to go more in depth make sure to download the free guide at the end! 

1. Find your inspiration

Assuming you already have an Instagram account, the next step is to find the people who inspire you. These are the people who will help you determine your style when you are new at this. Find a bunch of travel accounts that have images that really speak to YOU & turn post notifications on for these accounts. Now you will see whenever they post & stay on top of the latest trends.

Another great thing to do is to use the Instagram Albums feature. Whenever you see images that you love, save them! You can also organize them into albums for different locations that you will be traveling to so while you are there you can take a look at that specific album. This will really help you when you are in the moment & taking pictures, yourself.

2. Set up your website

When thinking about how to become a travel blogger, you probably already realized you will have to set up a website. While Instagram is great & a lot of people work solely on Instagram, when it comes to travel blogging is incredibly important. Hotels, tourism boards, airlines… they will all want a blog with long-form content to work with you!

A great place to start when you don’t know much about websites is with Squarespace. This is where my blog started (although I am now on WordPress) because of how intuitive it is & how pretty the designs are. There is a very small learning curve on Squarespace, so get started ASAP & get a few blog posts up right away!

3. Plan your trips

If you aren’t already traveling a lot, travel blogging isn’t for you. But if you want to know how to become a travel blogger because you already have a bunch of trips under your belt & a bunch more planned, then keep reading!

If you don’t have a ton of vacation time (me when I started), plan a bunch of weekend getaways! You don’t have to be going to the most tropical locations every time, but you DO need content. So go on some road trips, look for last minute deals, whatever it takes. We liked to do 3-4 day weekends so we could spread out our vacation days & make the most of them!

So those are the basic first steps. Get these down, & you will have the perfect foundation to continue your dream.

Now that you have the basics on how to become a travel blogger, download next steps below:

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